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Tatyana Kodes

Tatyana Kodes
Head Kindergarten Teacher

Tatyana joined WDS in January 2015 after changing careers from healthcare to teaching. She discovered her passion for teaching after conducting new hire training in various counties across New York State. 

Tatyana returned to school and received a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood education from Brooklyn College.  During that time Tatyana was busy, observing and doing student teaching in numerous classrooms.  Prior to coming to WDS, she also organized arts and craft activities in a local library to gain experience working with children.  

Tatyana started working at WDS in aftercare and quickly moved into being a Nursery School assistant.  For two years, Tatyana worked as the head teacher in second grade prior to becoming head teacher in Kindergarten.  When not working, Tatyana enjoys spending time with her family at home and hiking.