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Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher
Director of Education and Learning

Stephanie joined WDS as the Director of Education and Learning in September 2021. Stephanie holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania along with a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Waldorf Education from Sunbridge College/Teachers College and a Bachelor’s degree in Design from the University at Buffalo.

Stephanie began her teaching career as a middle school mathematics teacher and then served as a principal of a K-8 school in New York City where she brought Waldorf education into the school. Most recently she has been working as the Director at Learning Advocates which works with districts and states to design and implement resources to support learning in K-12 mathematics, instructional leadership, and school improvement.  

Prior to that, Stephanie spent time as the Director of Mathematics at and the Manager Director, Global Standards and Scales, the Director of Curriculum and Standards Research, the Director of Common Core, and Senior Project Manager for Special Projects, all with Pearson. Stephanie also worked as the Chief of Staff at America’s Choice/National Center on Education and the Economy, a Senior Program Officer for New Visions for Public Schools, and the Director for New Standards in Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stephanie’s accomplishments in each of the positions she’s held are impressive and too numerous to list here, but here are a few highlights of her experience:

  • Working with prominent authors of national and international standards to define learning continuums for students.
  • Conducting research and development of curriculum and standards frameworks for school improvement and leadership.
  • Developing professional learning programs and resources for external and internal stakeholders.
  • Leading leadership training for school, district, and state level administrators and coaches.
  • Providing targeted instructional, coaching, and leadership support to over 100 secondary schools.
  • Aligning rubrics for instructional leadership to school and district based evaluation processes.