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Meggie Freund

Meggie Freund
Auxiliary Programs Manager

Meggie has been working at Woodstock Day School for her entire teaching career since 2012. She started working with our youngest students, in Nursery School, and has since then worked with a wide age range of students. She has mentored seniors, assisted in lower school and middle school classes, and now will run our Aftercare program as well as Afterschool Enrichment program.

Meggie is a Woodstock Day School alumni who attended from 2002-2009, when she graduated in the third graduating class. After graduating, she attended Ithaca College. Since then she has been working with children of all ages. She is currently working on a teaching degree at Bard College.

Meggie encourages students to use their investigative skills and independence to learn necessary skills and find enjoyment in learning. She believes that student led learning fosters the most productive results and builds a positive relationship between the student and school.