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Kandy Harris

Kandy Harris
Music Teacher (Nursery to Grade 3)

Kandy Harris joined as the new Music Teacher for Nursery School to Grade 3 in the spring of 2022.

Kandy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our community as a music teacher, songwriter, and performer. Since 2016, she has been co/owner and teacher at M & K Music Instruction and Studio in Saugerties where she teaches voice and piano. She also has taught at The Rock Academy in Saugerties and sang and performed in both musical and non-musical theater, as well as performing her own music live both as a solo artist and with her band. 

She has an extensive background in opera, choral, and Early/Medieval Music and is currently writing the lyrics and music to her first musical production. 

Kandy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of Michigan.