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Inyo Charbonneau

Inyo Charbonneau
Ceramics Teacher

Inyo has been a teacher and a ceramic artist/potter for more than 35 years.

She came to WDS  in 2000 after teaching ceramics, art history and sculpture at a SUNY college in Watertown, New York. For her first 10 years at WDS, she taught all mediums to the entire school, while developing a strong ceramics program.

Inyo has an undergraduate art education degree in K-12 and a Master’s degree in ceramics from Oswego. She continues to take workshops and confers with other potters and teachers to stay current and to continue to be inspired.

Inyo feels that the most important aspect of teaching is to make a student feel ownership of their space in the studio, and to allow them to feel that they can ask any questions necessary to help them further their knowledge of the subject.

She feels that skills are also necessary and important, along with the “therapy” that ceramics provides, particularly at this time. Inyo loves teaching at WDS!